My day – April 23

Yesterday I made a quick excursion to a high school to help with principal interviews. I liked getting out of my office and getting to do something a bit different than normal. But what I really liked was this cool terrarium that the school had. I believe a student made it and now I’m determined to make my own as well one day. I saved the giant Famous Dave’s pickle jar we got from Costco and I’m thinking that would be a great jar for plants. Look at that tiny gnome in the terrarium, I laughed when I saw it, what a perfect addition.

Future horticulturalist?

After work I puttered around in the backyard until Gene came home. I snapped more pictures of my plants, reveled in the ones that are doing fantastically, and pulled the weeds that of course are already growing.
I was thrilled to see the random pansies have returned, and with much vigor. Still don’t know how these things started growing but I love seeing them and hope they last forever. Gene laughed when he saw me, saying I was definitely ready to be a horticulturalist. I think I may have to agree with him.

My lovely random pansies

I put away my tools soon after that though, as Gene and I went on a date. We had dinner at Molcajete, the Mexican restaurant Gene quite likes (the plate he gets is bigger than his head so I can see why). It was so lovely having dinner with him, talking of fun things, and dreaming up future plans. Afterward, we made a pit stop at Snowl where I treated myself to dessert – tayaiki was calling my name. We decided we’ll have to go back when Lydia visits because they have dessert bowls that we think she might like. Plus, the bowls are huge and easily feed four people so we need some extra bodies!

Enjoying ourselves as we wait for my dessert

The household then took a walk once Gene and I returned because the weather was so pleasant. It was on this walk that I learned there is one type of tree whose springtime scent I absolutely abhor. It was sad because it is a beautiful tree with white blossoms but wow it smelled horrible. The rest of the evening was spent with Gene and Sidney attaching their new bike helmet hats to their helmets. It should make their commutes to and from work less hot and damaging from the sun. I have heard their first ride this morning was a success.

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