Happy days


Yesterday was admin appreciation day, so how did I appreciate myself? I left work early as a treat and sat outside in my backyard and read. (And pulled some weeds, but I enjoyed that too.) It was absolutely lovely and peaceful and relaxing and I must do it more often.

Succulent planter

My team was very supportive of me taking the day off and some of them even dropped off some gifts to show their appreciation of me. I felt very loved. I now have some beautiful, full roses on my desk and I received the cutest succulent planter that will soon find a place in my home. These people really know me.

Handsome Gene

I was able to sneak away from work again today and go to lunch with Gene. Two dates in one week – how lucky am I?! We went to the Pie Hole, a pizza place that I had wanted to try since pizza day. What a cool place – they named their pizzas after the Avengers movies, I had the Avenger pizza myself and quite liked it – bbq sauce, salami, sundried tomatoes. I also took a few bites of Gene’s pepperoni pizza and liked that just as well. Both of us want to go back. The pizza was thin and crispy and delicious. The walls of the restaurant were covered in art and painted paper plates. Sounds a bit odd but there was some truly talented artists that drew on those plates, I liked looking around. Lunch ended too soon of course and I had to go back to work but I loved seeing Gene during the workday so much that it made the rest of my work no problem at all. It has been a good day.

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