Food and fun

Chicken and waffles

Inspired by EG’s dinner from last Sunday, the housemates and I made chicken nuggets and waffles for our dinner yesterday. What are Friday nights for, right? It was quite tasty, especially since the chicken nuggets were shaped like dinosaurs. Dinosaur chicken nuggets make everything taste better, did you know that they spark childhood joy in a person with every bite? Don’t believe me, give it a try. I also reheated the leftover turkey from that same Sunday dinner in a pan full of bacon grease, it was delicious but did cause the fire alarms in the house to go off. Oops. Thankfully the housemates handled it wonderfully as I continued to cook. That’s impressive, that is.

Homemade bread goodness

This morning I woke up to fresh bread that Gene had set up the night before. He made half a regular loaf so it came out tiny and cute. And delicious. It was really really delicious – light and fluffy and everything you want in bread. I had it for breakfast and I just had it for lunch. Basically, I ate half of the loaf. I do not regret it.

Yesterday I completed my third island in the Islanders game. This time I was tasked with building a city on multiple small islands. I’m quite enjoying this game, I wonder how many islands there are before the game is complete. I got enough points this time to where I could build a circus, resort oasis, and warehouse. Who wouldn’t want to live in my city?

Earlier this afternoon the housemates and I went to Red Rocks Community College to watch She Kills Monsters, a play that Gene and I watched years ago in Aurora and that I’ve been looking for ever since. Every few months I would google “She Kills Monsters Denver” to see if any theaters nearby were going to produce it because I wanted to watch it again and I finally got a hit – thank you Red Rocks! While the production was, of course, not the same quality as Aurora’s (community college versus city), it was still very enjoyable and I laughed and laughed. The actors and team behind it all did a lovely and professional job.

In an hour or so we’ll head back out to treat ourselves to Korean BBQ. We’ve never had it in Denver so we’re giving it a try. I’m already getting hungry so I’m looking forward to it.

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