BBQ and gardening

Korean BBQ last night was delicious – I ate so much that I had to lie down on the floor when I got home. It was so good that I was so busy eating I didn’t think about taking pictures until we were paying. So you get a picture of a dirty, empty bbq. I’m very glad Sidney was there to guide us through the ordering and eating process as I would have definitely ordered more than I needed if she wasn’t there. But she knew exactly the kind of meat we would like and how to cook everything. I really enjoyed the bean paste condiment that came with it and the potato salad side dish. I always enjoy the potato salad side dish that comes with Korean meals.

The staff were so exceptionally nice, they made my experience even better. Our waitress gave us recommendations and tips on how to get the best out of our meal and she made sure we were stocked up on side dishes to our hearts’ content. We were not wanting for anything and I enjoyed my time.

Potluck goodness

Today I went to a Denver Urban Garden for a potluck…because I’ve joined the garden! As part of my new mission to make more friends, I joined this community garden and will be shadowing the garden leader to learn from her and help her in her plots. Today was a start of the season potluck where we got to hang out with one another and where a master gardener came in and gave us some helpful advice for growing. I had such a fun time. I met five different people, although there were more than that there, and I felt really welcomed. I’m excited to keep going back, I think I’m really going to enjoy it. I even came out of the afternoon with free horseradish plants I’ll plant at home. Next weekend I’ll go back and help with composting.

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