Comics, flowers, and dancing

Yesterday evening I went to my comic meetup where we discussed Animosity, a comic about animals suddenly gaining consciousness. I liked the story previously but the discussion was so deep and enjoyable that it made me appreciate the comic even more. The author and artist of this comic do great jobs at conveying an entire world without having to explain every detail. While it may not be the kind of world I think it would be if this were to really happen, it’s fairly close and interesting enough that it didn’t bug me. If you want to get into comics or you really like animals, give this a read.


On my way to the meetup I saw some lovely flowers. I liked them so much that I looked them up afterward and learned they are aubrieta. Sounds like they should be able to grow in my yard so I’ll have to incorporate them into my plan now.

Because I went to my comic meetup a little bit later than normal, Elisabeth made dinner, which was wonderful. But my brain and body just can’t stop working so I made canned orange rolls for dessert. Not a horrible way to end a weekend. While those were baking, Gene tried out his dance pad while wearing his 40 pound exercise vest. That man is impressive. He danced three or four songs and did well on all but the first one. If he keeps this up he’ll be as strong as Captain America!

Dance dance revolution – version 2.0

One thought on “Comics, flowers, and dancing

  1. Strong as Capt. America! (love it – made me laugh) And yes, those flowers are gorgeous.

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