Pizza and symphony


Yesterday afternoon the housemates and I met up at Giordano’s pizza for dinner. I had eaten there with my coworkers a few weeks ago and wanted everyone else to try their pizza. If we want to go again we’ll have to figure out if there is a way to call ahead because the pizza takes 45 minutes to bake. That’s normal for deep dish but I’m learning it is a tiny bit annoying.

We survived the wait and the pizza was good, better than Crush Pizza we had last month. There wasn’t enough pepperoni, however, and for the most part I couldn’t even taste that it was there. But this was much closer to real deep dish than Crush was. Still, I think I like the deep dish I got in Chicago best.

Excited for the symphony

After dinner we wandered over to Rocket Fizz to try to look for Gene’s new favorite birch beer, but yet again they did not have any in stock. So Gene got a different kind of root beer instead and I treated us to a maple almond butter snickers we have yet to try.

We made our way to the Denver Center for Performing Arts where we listened to the Colorado symphony and their choir perform music from the Final Fantasy game series. While I’ve never played Final Fantasy, I have watched others play a few games and I did watch the movie long long ago. And although I didn’t recognize the music, I did really enjoy it. It felt wonderful to close my eyes and let the music seep into my head and get carried away by it. The music was the only thing in my existence for a few brief moments and it was lovely. The symphony performs way more concerts than I imagined so I look forward to going to more of their performances in the next year, they’re so fun.

I felt very beautiful under the theater lighting

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