Food and gardening

Flowers at the Mexican restaurant

Food and gardening filled my day yesterday. But what’s new there? I went to lunch with some of my comic book ladies, Elisabeth included. It was Free Comic Book Day so we had to get together to show off new comics. I didn’t get any comics for myself this year because I still haven’t finished reading all the ones I grabbed last year. I figured I needed to do that before I brought any more permanently to my home. We tried out a Mexican restaurant I had never been to before. It was okay, the best part was that the tacos were only $2 each, a really good deal. No, I take that back, the best part was actually hanging out with these women. I’ve gotten closer to a few of them over the past year or so and it feels good that they know who I am and remember pieces of my life. The second best part was sitting outside on the patio to eat our food, hello warm weather!

After coming home from lunch, I biked to my community garden where I helped shovel compost into wheelbarrows for 1 1/2 hours. It was tiring but it wasn’t too hard and I met a fellow gardener who I thought was cool. New potential friend! Everyone worked really hard to get the compost into the plots, I was impressed at how quickly we worked and there was very little complaining. After the compost was all gone from the parking lot, we went into plots and helped rake the compost evenly into the beds. Because I basically exercised for 2 hours I felt no guilt in eating a Little Debbie cake afterward that our garden leader had brought. It was delicious.

I biked back home and am proud that I didn’t have to stop as I biked up the giant hill I haven’t biked in two years. I guess the squats and leg lifts I’ve been doing have actually done something for my muscles. When I got home I planted the chives one of the gardeners had left for grabs and I planted the horseradish I had got from another gardener previously. Already I’m having fun and getting free stuff from this community garden!

The housemates and I ate outside for dinner yesterday which was lovely. I got the outdoor bug now. The majority of my plants are coming along so wonderfully that I am filled with joy at their success and growth. I’ll be going to the Botanic Garden plant sale this week and will hopefully grab some more ground cover to start filling in the backyard, it needs more plants desperately. My mind is already working on future plans for future years. I think this year will be focused on ground cover and the front yard. I’m excited!

Dinner outside. One day that whole side yard will be full of plants.

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