My day May 5th

Orange pastry for Gene

Yesterday ended up being another busy, but great day. I took Sidney to Tokyo Premium Bakery because I had already gone with Elisabeth AND with Gene so it was Sidney time. They didn’t have the raspberry croissant I really wanted so a regular croissant had to do. It was a decent substitution. I tried their bacon pastry and confirmed yet again that I really don’t love bacon, especially not from restaurants. If I’m to eat bacon it needs to be relatively thin and crispy. I wasn’t a complete Scrooge, however, not letting Gene and Elisabeth come with us, so Sidney and I bought both of them pastries of their own.

At the park, eating Sidney’s pastries

Of course, Sidney couldn’t be out done from the bakery’s pastries so she made some of her own. This time she made TWO batches so we could taste test the difference between all purpose flour and bread flour. i think the all purpose flour is chewier than the bread flour ones, regardless, I like both. She also put some Heath bits into some of the pastries this time, a good addition.

Because the day was so lovely, the housemates and I went on a picnic lunch at a nearby park. Have to take advantage of the great weather while we can. We sat in the dappled sun under a pine tree as a group of kids attempted to climb it and a baby waddled back and forth nearby. And we ate some pastries. We also tried the maple almond butter snickers I had bought on Friday. I didn’t like it and one bite was sufficient.

In the afternoon, Elisabeth and I went to Wizard’s Chest where we learned how to paint minis. We were surprised when the teacher gave us minis for free, as I had been told we’d have to bring or buy our own. He even let us use his paints and paintbrushes. Everything we needed. It was awesome and he was a fantastic teacher. I’m very proud of how my mini turned out. As Gene said, I might have a future in this. I’d like to think it was part talent and partly the fact that we used metallic paint. It made everything look awesome.

For dinner Gene made more of his homemade pizza dough and for the first time we made pizzas with absolutely fresh dough instead of thawed from the fridge dough. I’m not sure there was a noticeable difference, to be honest, but I still liked giving it a try. I cut my pizza in half so I could more easily try two different kinds – olive oil and bbq. I liked both of them. Sidney saw my two pizzas and called them Picasso Pizza. I like it. My pizza was delicious, as always. I liked the olive oil one more than I thought, next time no pepperoni though. Spinach, chicken, and onions were perfect combination. And for the record, pickle on the bbq pizza was tasty. Would do again. We ended the day with a night walk in the slightly cool air. This was a fantastic weekend.

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