Date night with Gene at Ocean Prime

Gene and I went on a date to Ocean Prime last night. A high end restaurant, neither of us had been but I had a gift card from a year ago so we figured we better get to using it. It was an absolutely lovely evening. Gene even surprised me by wearing one of my favorite shirts. He was so handsome, but isn’t he always?

Love the color on these bikes at Turin’s

Before dinner, Gene helped me bring my bike to Turin’s, the bike shop near his work. We needed help tightening my brakes on the new electric tire that Martha sent me. Happily they fixed them for free and in very short time. I was impressed by the service they provided, I can see why Gene likes and trusts the place.

Afterward we walked around downtown until our dinner reservation. We saw a black kitten hanging out at a bus stop with his owners, it reminded us so much of Pippin when he was younger. It was adorable. We also found an artistic fountain and small park that we had never been to before. Turns out I haven’t been to certain areas of town even though I pass by them so often. Walking around also helps me find hidden gems and cool architecture that I can’t spot while driving.

Handsome Gene

Our reservation time arrived and we asked to sit by the window looking over Larimer Square. We got lucky and were given such a table so we could people watch and appreciate the evening’s air. The square was not only full of people but it was full of people in Av’s hockey gear. Like, an impressive amount of people were in gear, I guess Denver takes our sports seriously around here, at least hockey and football.

Chicken and spinach salad

Dinner itself was delicious. We got goat cheese ravioli to share and it was creamy and rich. I got chicken and spinach salad for my entree. The chicken skin was cooked perfectly and the chicken inside was moist. The spinach salad was perhaps my favorite part, however, even though I didn’t think I would care for it. Spinach, sundried tomatoes, olives, pickled onions, and homemade croutons topped with balsamic dressing made a truly delicious combination. We ended the evening with butter cake and homemade vanilla ice cream. Holy moly that was also very rich and extremely tasty. Gene had salmon for his entree and said it was the second best salmon he’s had in his life, so that’s impressive. I think we both enjoyed ourselves.

Butter cake for dessert

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