Avengers Again

Just got out of the theater and feeling great

Because so much happened in the movie and because I am in love with the Marvel universe right now, I re-watched Avengers: End Game last night with a coworker. We went to the movie theater off of 16th Street. I had never been there before so I was intrigued and it gave me the excuse to walk for 10 minutes. I even treated myself to nachos and milk duds. Since Gene wasn’t there to scoff at my fake cheese I enjoyed my snack in silence. Well, okay, not silence, those chips were quite crunchy. ;P

The movie was just as good the second time as the first. I didn’t tear up in the beginning like last time but I did cry in the end just the same. I caught a continuity error and realized something I hadn’t noticed previously. Otherwise I really didn’t find any Easter eggs.

I also learned that I prefer my closer, cheaper theater. Aurora for the win! Aurora’s seats are much nicer and the theater feels cozier and more closed in.

I was so happy to go with my coworker because I’ve been trying to hang out with her for a couple years now and this is the first time we got around to it. It was awesome. Plus, when I walked back to my car, the rain had stopped and the sun was setting so I enjoyed beautiful light and that lovely fresh scent right after a rain.

One thought on “Avengers Again

  1. Love the smell that comes after the rain. Remember when you were a child and loved the smell of the yard after Dad mowed it? You’d swing high in the sky and take in the fresh smells.

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