My day: May 9th

My artwork has a companion now!

What a bleary day it has been. While I prefer the warmth and sun, I do smile thinking of how this snow and rain feeds my lovely plants. Some of my plants are exploding with such growth, it brings me delight to watch them. When I’m not watching my plants grow, I’m planning out future plants to put in the ground. There’s always more room, right? Last weekend I went outside with a piece of paper and an I Spy book as a clipboard and I drew out my front yard, something I hadn’t accurately done in the almost four years I’ve lived here. I marked places where more plants could go and I have a tentative but mostly solid plan of what additions I want to make this year. What great timing with the Botanic Garden plant sale happening tomorrow and Saturday! Guess where I’ll be going? 😉

With the dreary days around me I also get excited watching my indoor plants. Elisabeth recently got a couple of succulents too and she gave me a few leaves to try to propagate. I’ve never done that before so this is a mini adventure to see how that goes. Turns out it’s very little work, just keep the leaves misted and try not to let their cut ends touch the dirt. We should know in two or three weeks if we’re successful. And if by chance we aren’t, no biggie. One of the succulents I have is supposedly a great propagator so I’ll give that a try next!

Today wasn’t all darkness, however. I had enough time before work to stop at Moe’s Bagels and treat myself to my favorite cinnamon sugar bagel AND chocolate chip cookie. I couldn’t help it, the cookie was still warm and it’s my favorite kind of thick and soft and chewy. Then, about an hour after I got to work, a coworker surprised me and our fellow teammates with homemade rice krispy treats in honor of us meeting our stair challenge back in March. How sweet! She even made strawberry rice krispy treats, something I’ve never had before and learned I quite like. I will now be on the lookout for strawberry rice krispies wherever I go so I can make my own.

One thought on “My day: May 9th

  1. What??? You mean we could have added a strawberry rice krispy treat layer to your wedding cake?!

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