Shadow box & plants

Pandemic Legacy shadow box

Sidney and I (ok, mostly Sidney) finished the Pandemic Legacy shadow box last night! I’m so thrilled because I’ve wanted to do something to immortalize the game ever since we finished it and I finally made it a priority. Earlier in the week, Sidney and I planned out the shadow box with Gene’s and Elisabeth’s approval and yesterday was the big day to hot glue everything together. We still have to hang everything up and prep the actual game board but this shadow box is a fantastic start and I am truly very pleased with how it looks. I’ve never “made” a shadow box before.

I had time to check out my plants this afternoon and am thrilled that my European Pasque flower has bloomed! I really like how these flowers look and I dream that my big back flower bed will have loads of them one day. But this year is focused on the front yard and ground cover so no more additions of it until at least next season. Another plant I put in last year is also sprouting very tiny blue flowers. I thought this was a blue cranesbill plant but it definitely doesn’t look like it to me so I’m not sure what it is. Regardless, it’s beautiful and lovely and I like it.

Mystery plant

I took out all of my pots from the garage and started laying them out in the backyard to see how it would look. I’m thinking perhaps my pots can be filled with annuals so I can get even more variety of flowers. I won’t be rushing to get those quite yet though, those should be a June purchase for sure with this Colorado weather. Nevertheless, I’m excited that my perennials are growing and growing and blooming. No complaints here!

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