Wicked and yard work

At Wicked

Elisabeth, Sidney, and I saw Wicked on Saturday! I had seen it years and years ago so my memory of it was happy but faded. The show was a lot of fun. Some of the songs have been slightly updated which surprised me but they worked. The actress who played Glinda hit it out of the park, she did such a wonderful job and put a spin on the character that was outrageous but spot on. I am learning, however, that I have trouble understanding all of the words being sung when I attend musicals. It feels like a new hindrance but perhaps it’s always been that way. I don’t know if it’s me, the venue, the actors, or a combination but it’s slightly annoying. Still, I am so glad that the three of us went.


Sunday I worked in the front yard because, that’s right, I purchased plants from the Botanic Garden plant sale. I didn’t actually plant anything though, that will happen today! Yesterday was all about pulling out the garden fabric. The beloved garden fabric that Gene, Sidney, and I so carefully put down years ago when we turned the yard from grass to xeriscape. After going to the beginner gardener boot camp back in February and learning about soil, I decided that my plants would benefit from no garden fabric. Four hours of my day went to pulling out that fabric, and I’m not actually done yet. But I’m close and I’m proud. The yard looks pretty nice too since I upturned all of the mulch.

Butterfly feeders

I also made butterfly feeders yesterday. I still need to make the butterfly food (aka sugar water) and hang up the feeders in the yard but I’m very pleased with how they came out. My goal this year, one of them at least, is to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and of course keep the bees coming. I love how the feeders turned out, they’re going to make a beautiful addition to my yards.

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