Thanos and plants

I have all the power now

Thanos’ infinity gauntlet surprised me Monday morning as my coworker walked around the corner wearing it. Even more surprising was when she set it down on my desk and bestowed it to me. I now have my very own infinity gauntlet. And not only that, but it’s a cup. Clever, huh? I perhaps now posses the most powerful, most useful glove in all existence. Could it be? I left it on my desk the entire day and everyone who passed by absolutely loved it. Too bad you have to go to Disneyland in order to purchase one.

Planting went well yesterday, I finished up the remaining planting today. Turns out I had forgotten about the garden fabric on the edges of my yard, this stuff came with the house and is old and hidden behind lots of dirt and rocks. Boo. So that meant it took more time to plant certain flowers than I had anticipated. But the weather was so amazingly pleasant yesterday and Sidney and Gene kept me company that I wasn’t stressing at all. I did get frustrated that there were basically tree roots everywhere I wanted to dig. Aren’t tree roots supposed to be deeper in the ground?! Maybe this is a sign that I need to do a better job at watering my trees.

Spanish goldbroom ready to go in the ground

My next goal is to buy stepping stones for the front yard and a lattice privacy wall for the deck in the back. Then I’ll pause a moment and see what else I’d like to do and if it’s a good idea. The more I’m outside the more I realize how much space I have! I gotta be patient. Plants grow slowly. In other news, the flowers I got from Lydia last year have begun to bloom! I am so excited, they’re so delicate and beautiful. Lydia is coming to visit on Saturday so I’m thrilled she’ll be able to enjoy their beauty as well.

Lydia’s flower

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