Qdoba, plants, and books

Impossible meat burrito bowl

The housemates and I had Qdoba for dinner yesterday and I finally tried Impossible burger meat. I’ve been wanting to try it ever since I took a bite of Sidney’s burger last summer. This was my first chance to so I leapt at it. The “meat” was spiced a bit strong for my liking but it didn’t taste bad and I couldn’t really tell that it wasn’t meat. I ate it all so I think that’s saying something. It was definitely better fresh than reheated though. I’ll need to try the Impossible meat in other settings to get a better idea of what I think about it. Thankfully, restaurants and fast food chains are jumping on the bandwagon and starting to offer the meat so I think I’ll have plenty of chances in the near future. I’m very excited with how fake meat is starting to explode in mainstream.

Spanish goldbroom blooms

In plant world today, my new spanish goldbroom is already blooming. Turns out it was really ready and just needed to be planted. I can’t wait to see its growth. I have wanted one of these plants for years but buying bushes always scared me. Not anymore, gotta just give it a try and see how it goes.

And in other news, I started reading Mistborn, a Brandon Sanderson book (and series) that both Elisabeth and Gene rave about. Gene recommended the book years ago but it took me this long to make my way to it. I’m very excited to see what it’s all about as neither will tell me the story and even refuse to explain basic concepts about the book in order to not spoil anything. That in itself has me intrigued. But it’s also part of Sanderson’s Cosmere, the world in which he writes his books. Since The Way of Kings is one of my favorite series and books, I’m hoping that I’ll get to catch glimpses and hints of it in this new series. I will soon see!

Pippin trying to escape from his catio at dinner

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