EG and plants

EG’s card

Guess what absolutely wonderful thing I received yesterday? A card from EG! Kaitlin and EG surprised me with an adorable handmade card in the mail. There was even a “snail mail” sticker sealing the envelope. I love it. EG’s little fingerprints create flowers for the outside of the card and the inside is filled with a drawing of a sticker and of EG’s hand prints. It’s fantastic. The flowers are right up my alley and the card is now sitting on my desk at work so I can enjoy it all day and remember how much Kaitlin and EG love me. I’m smiling right now just thinking about it!

Lauren’s Daily Plant Talk:

Firewitch cheddar pinks #nofilter

So, I think I’m going to have a little Plant Talk section with every, or most, blog post since I seem to enjoy sharing what’s growing and happening in my yards. Perhaps it will also encourage me to research more about my plants and will be a great way to get some horticulture in before I start school in August.

Today, my firewitch cheddar pinks are blooming and their color is extraordinary. I love this plant and was hoping to buy more of them at the Botanic Garden plant sale but they didn’t have the cultivar I wanted. No matter, I’m sure I can get them at Nick’s Garden Center. Can’t you just imagine a “river” of these plants in my front yard? I can!


One of my new Windwalker Desert Rose salvia from the plant sale is starting to bloom as well. What a wonderful time of year this is. All of the plants that I got from the Botanic Gardens are doing well. In fact, the Arizona Blanket Flowers are starting to perk up now that they’re getting more water. I think they’ll be blooming in the next week or so. Here’s to no more snow until 2020.

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