10 year anniversary

Gene and I celebrated 10 years of being together! I don’t think I’m really registering how much time that is, except for the fact that it’s one third of my life. Holy moly. Last night we went to The Melting Pot and what a lovely evening. I quite enjoy the place but the company was by far the best part. Gene wore a button up shirt, on a Friday, specifically for me because of how handsome I think he looks in more formal wear. How sweet is that?

The view from our table

This time around, we got to sit in a very cool location, a secluded, hidden table near the colorful walls of the entrance. I had no clue there was a table there! I could look down on people eating and look up at staff serving the third floor. I liked the spot quite a bit.

We tried two new fondues this time – loaded baked potato cheese and the original chocolate. Filled with bacon, potato bits, chives, and the famous green goddess dip, the cheese’s creaminess paired perfectly with the bread chunks and green apples. And of course every chocolate fondue is delicious with the dessert bites provided. We took our time and enjoyed each other’s company and I couldn’t be happier.

I wanted to go on a stroll around downtown Littleton afterward but it turns out it had rained buckets while we were eating so the air was a bit too cold for my taste and there were puddles everywhere. It didn’t stop us from taking a quick 10 minute walk but we didn’t meander like I had hoped. Another time.

So ten years have come and gone with Gene. We’ve lived in two states, I’ve had a handful of jobs, I got a cat, and we bought a house. We’ve traveled to many places, seen lots of plays and Marvel movies, and hiked a variety of trails. We’ve played computer games and board games together, bought a couch, and got married. Lots of good things in our lives and lots of learning to communicate and work together. A relationship. I look forward to as many years together as we can possibly have.

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