Lydia and Trevor Noah

Lydia at Pacific Asian Marketplace

Sunday morning, Lydia and I biked to the community garden to help unload straw bales. When we got there, however, we learned that the man delivering the bales had a flooded basement so the bales weren’t at the garden. Boo. We wandered the garden a bit instead and then biked back home. I rode my bike with the new electric wheel and for the most part it was pretty great. Biking was a lot easier and I flew down the big hill faster than I anticipated or perhaps even liked. But going back up the hill was an extreme pain, it was harder than if I had a regular wheel on my bike. Not sure what happened there but at least I can say I got a cardio workout yesterday.

The household went to lunch shortly after Lydia and I returned. We went back to The French Press, the little cafe restaurant we had taken Lydia last year right before The Shindig. I remember now why we haven’t gone back since – the seating is terrible. There’s not enough tables for the amount of people that frequent the restaurant. It’s a bummer because it’s a cute place and they have good food.

Gene cross stitching

Afterward we made a stop at the Pacific Asian Marketplace in search of a few ingredients for upcoming dinners. Didn’t find the paneer or naan I wanted but I did snatch some vegetarian sushi and Sidney discovered we can buy pho broth! That was perhaps the best part of the trip, finding out that we could buy broth and make our own pho. We didn’t buy any this time around but we know where to get it now.

I also hung up my butterfly feeders and put out my hummingbird feeder! Of course today it’s dreary and rainy out so no butterflies to be seen but I’m hopeful they’ll come around once the weather is nice again.

Yesterday evening Sidney, Gene, Lydia, and I headed to Red Rocks Amphitheater to listen to Trevor Noah, comedian and host of The Daily Show. I liked his two Netflix specials I had seen and so was really excited to see him live. We bundled up and I brought hand and toe warmers so I was comfortable most of the time. I forgot how giant Red Rocks is, holy cow. The traffic in and out of the place was a nightmare so Sidney and I are brainstorming how we can make our trip back in August for Weird Al a more pleasant experience in regards to travel. But the location is just gorgeous and the sound system is incredible. Trevor Noah himself was hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed his show. I would definitely go watch him again. He even said that last night was one of the best nights of his life. I hope that’s true but even if it’s not, I had such a blast that I’m happy regardless.

At Red Rocks!

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