Dumplings and escape rooms

BBQ pork dumplings

Yesterday Sidney turned 30 years old!! We had to celebrate, of course, so we took her to Superstar Asian Cuisine, a dumpling restaurant that Elisabeth found. The staff cart around plates of food , stopping at each table to see what guests want to eat. A variety of dumplings, noodles, vegetables, and appetizers await you, you only have to point and tell the staff what you want and plop, they put it right on your table. What an awesome, and dangerous, way to eat. The chance of overeating is high if you aren’t careful and the bill can get high pretty quickly. But it is a lot of fun and since I love trying lots of new things, this place was absolutely perfect for me. I liked getting to see the food right in front of me before deciding if I wanted some. I liked getting to try lots of different dishes and easily being able to grab my favorite ones again. The cheese wontons and bbq pork dumplings were delicious.

After lunch we headed over to a new escape room, Room 5280, where a mysterious uncle trapped us in his apartment, and we desperately sought a way out. We made it out with 6 minutes to spare. This room was tricky and had puzzles we had never seen before. And this time we even got to experience a kitchen. I liked that Room 5280 did hints at specific times, they didn’t wait for us to ask for them. It meant that we didn’t have to watch the time as carefully and decide if we were ready for a hint or not, we trusted them to have our backs and we focused on the puzzles. They also gave us hints by sliding notes under the door which was new and a fun way of getting help. I enjoyed myself, Sidney made a great choice of where to go on her birthday.

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