Garden and John Wick

Working at the community garden

I volunteered at my community garden yesterday, raking out mulch and pulling weeds. Only two other ladies were there when I came over so it was nice and calm and quiet. We ended up sitting at the picnic tables and visiting for a bit which was also fun. And before I left, my mentor told me I could use one of the smaller plots for myself if I wanted because no one else was going to use it this year. So now I have a small piece of dirt where I can plant my own seeds! I’m really excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I’m going to go through the seeds I have in the garage and see which ones I think would work best.

Tree branch in the backyard

Last week we had a storm that knocked down a large branch right onto our back deck. This weekend Gene and I got around to cutting it down. I used both of our saws and really rocked at chopping up wood. Now Pippin has a new branch in his catio to explore and Sidney has lots of options of wood to create a sword mount for Gene’s sword. Turns out it was kind of a win for us.

Yesterday afternoon the housemates and I went to the movie theater and watched the new John Wick movie. It was quite enjoyable, assassin superhero, John Wick, goes around beating up and killing anyone who dares cross him. He is creative, ruthless, and determined, the ways in which he kills people is both shocking and hilarious. I think the creators of this series enjoyed making the movies and didn’t take themselves too seriously. It was a good way of doing it because these movies are an absolute hit. We took bets before the movie on how many people we thought John Wick would kill, how many people he would kill on a horse, and what we thought his most unusual kill would be. I won the first two bets (bet low!) but my unusual kill of him chopping down a tree on someone did not come to pass. Oh well, two for three is great!

Firewitch cheddar pinks

I also had a bit of time to garden yesterday so I picked up the remaining leaves that had fallen from the storm and trimmed my flowers. My firewitch cheddar pinks are in full bloom right now, their color is more vibrant than previous years and they are exploding in size. I love it. The peony I bought at the Botanic Gardens Plant sale is still alive but the storm bent it’s one flowering stalk so I tied it to a piece of wood in hopes that it will stabilize it enough to grow strong again. It seems to continue to work towards flowering so I think it’ll be okay. And my dwarf snapdragons are about to bloom like crazy, I can’t wait. It’s a great time for a garden.

Dwarf snapdragons

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