Weekend around the house

Gene putting together my shelf

Gene found a good deal on a corner wall shelf the other day that I snatched up in hopes that in the near future it would hold houseplants and homemade art. It’s smaller than I imagined so I will be limited in what plants and items sit on it, but it will be good practice in moderation and regardless it’s a really nice addition to that corner that sat empty for so long. I purchased the shelf in part because of this picture Sidney found. I am now inspired to fill the house with plants. Perhaps that will be my focus for next year.

So I bought the shelf and this weekend Gene put it up for me without even asking. How lucky am I to have such a thoughtful and wonderful husband? He does so much for me.

Corner shelf is up

I also bought a new oil dispenser after Gene suggested we have one for vegetable oil. What a great idea, I latched onto it immediately and bought the same dispenser we use for our olive oil. Because it was the exact same dispenser, we needed a way to distinguish between olive and vegetable oil so Sidney volunteered to paint the new dispenser for us. I love how it turned out, it’s cute and matches my art preferences perfectly. I still hope that one day Sidney will paint a mural on our large kitchen wall!

New vegetable oil dispenser

Yesterday night we ended the long weekend with homemade Italian sausage soup, homemade wheat bread, and a game of Love Letter. I forgot how much I enjoyed playing that game. We all got a little goofy while playing, me especially, which made the game even more fun. Elisabeth won the Prince’s heart this time but I’m confident I can steal it away the next time we play!

Gene has found a new way of playing
Which card will Elisabeth choose?

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