Work and evening – 5/29/19

Bee and lion from Brenda

As time ticks away to being jobless, my feelings flip between excitement and sadness. Over the years, the culture in my department changed from a fun, connected one to a negative, low morale one. I have not enjoyed going to work for a while. So I am thrilled to be away from that environment. And thrilled to try something out that I am more passionate about. But there are also a handful of people that care for me and whom I care for that I will miss. That I’ll possibly never see again. That is sad knowledge. These people have been in my life for four years, this is the longest I’ve stayed in one job. This is a piece of my history, of my story. And while I’m not erasing it from who I am, I am moving forward. It’s weird.


Brenda, my closest coworker, gave me a bee ornament and stuffed lion she’s had on her desk because she knows that I like them and so I have something to remember her by. She’s moving to Grand Junction this summer. Another coworker gifted me a hydrangea. I’m really, truly leaving this place. I won’t make the drive anymore. I won’t go up the elevator and walk the floor to my desk. I won’t participate in another stair challenge there. I don’t know exactly how I feel.

Washington Park

After work yesterday I wandered around Washington Park for a bit before meeting up with Elisabeth for dinner. While it wasn’t nearly as sunny or as warm as I had hoped, I pushed through the slight chill because walking is a healthy and positive activity and I had been sitting all day. I ended up feeling like an artsy photographer and took some pictures I really like. Walking around and taking pictures really lifted my mood.

Dinner at Bonnie Brae Tavern

Dinner also lifted my mood. Elisabeth and I went to Bonnie Brae Tavern, the place we had gone for the vegan pizza buffet a while back. No vegan fare this time though, I got a cheeseburger slider and an Italian sausage slider with a side of fries and onion rings. Those onion rings were so good, next time I think I’ll just get an order of them! They’re celebrating their 85th (I believe) birthday very soon and will be serving certain meals at extremely low prices. I think I’m going to have to check them out again during that time.

After dinner, Elisabeth and I went to the library next door and to participate in their trivia night with our comic book friends. We did not win but it was pretty fun. Did you know the US is the country with the most volcanoes? We drove Sidney to the airport after that so she could fly to Phoenix to watch her brother graduate college – he’s now officially a dentist!

Washington Park

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