Just chilling

Calla lily from a coworker

First day without a job and I haven’t done much. I remind myself that that’s okay. I no longer, at least not right now, have to feel pressured to make my weekends full of productivity because every day is open to me now. I am curious to see how I handle days on end without a job, I can see myself going a bit crazy but I do have a list of activities I want to pursue so perhaps those will keep me busy enough to occupy my mind.

I finished watching The Umbrella Academy with Gene and Sidney today and realized I had fallen in love with the show and its characters. I am thrilled that a second season is confirmed. There are questions still left unanswered and the ending was a decent cliffhanger.

I also tended to my new plants today, the calla lily that a coworker gifted me looked poor and dying after one night in the house so I put it outside to soak up some sun. I can’t quite tell with certainty that it’s improved but I think its leaves opened up a bit so I have hope. The dracaena plant is still drooping even though I moved it into a shadier part of the house and gave it water. I’m hoping it just got over heated in the car yesterday and that a few days away from direct sun and better temperatures will do it good.

I wandered outside my yard a bit and noticed that my daisies are taking off. This is the most blooms they’ve had in four years. I don’t know what it is about this year but all the flowers are doing amazingly. I am so happy looking out my windows and walking through my yards. I even saw a little flower on one of my moss! I planted these moss the first year and they have struggled the entire time, not growing very much or even chunks of them dying but they somehow keep surviving. It brought me much joy to see that tiny white flower. I hope more grow, I’m pretty sure I see a nearby bud.

I also packed my suitcase for my trip to St. Louis tomorrow. First solo trip here I come! My first stop will be the botanic gardens and I should be able to get in for free because of my membership here in Denver. My second stop will be an Italian restaurant to get deep fried ravioli for dinner. Sounds amazing, right? It should be fun.

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