Day 3 St. Louis

Waiting for the bus stop

This morning I did better at leaving at my tentatively planned time. Mostly because I wanted to go to City Museum and the website said there tended to be lines so I wanted to try to avoid those and get there when they opened. I hopped on the bus and made my way downtown. I’m very proud of myself for figuring out public transportation as it’s been a fear of mine for quite a while. I was afraid, even in Denver, of getting on the wrong bus and not knowing what to do when I get on so it stopped me from using public transit. So silly, but really understandable. Thankfully, I realized the other day that I’m not afraid of stuff anymore in the same way I used to be. I’m afraid still but not to the same level and that fear doesn’t stop me from doing anything. I’m extremely proud of myself.

Entrance to City Museum

So I went to City Museum and was mostly disappointed. I found the museum to be an old and somewhat sad place. There was lots of empty space and lots of space under construction. Much of the space that was filled looked old and dirty. It was a mish-mash place that reminded me very much of a combination of Casa Bonita in Denver, Dick and Jane’s Spot in Ellensburg, and The Un-Natural History Museum in Walla Walla. I was bummed because I had put it in my head that this museum was basically a tree house for adults. I was mistaken. If anything, this place is better suited to children.

Amongst the bugs and butterflies

Still, even though it was disappointing to me, I recognized that perhaps a change in attitude could help me enjoy the experience more. So I began to look for the coolness in the place. I happened upon an insect and bug collection that a single Missouri man collected. Cases upon cases of locusts, beetles, and flies, I found it impressive and took my time fawning at the butterflies and moths.

Tropical, wood, wire area of City Museum

I also liked the wood and wire area of the museum, it felt very steampunk and natural and I thought it looked cool. There was an also an area where you could climb stairs and find yourself at a 5 story or a 10 story slide. I chose to go down the 5 story slide and it was fun. That encouraged me to go swing on a rope swing I had discovered earlier but was too tentative to try out. Before I left I took a trip down another slide that I also liked.

One exhibit I found held artifacts that a man discovered while digging through old outhouses as his hobby. I chuckle just thinking about it now. This man, for fun, sifted through old poop to find doll heads and pieces of pottery. While I don’t understand the appeal, it has made me laugh multiple times, including at the museum, so I suppose his work is worth it. I really got a kick out of the bowl of doll heads in one corner of a shelf with a row of doll legs in the front and more doll heads in the back next to the bowl. What person thought a bunch of random doll pieces should be placed in a bowl and shelf where children could see it? This is stuff of nightmares!

Items discovered in old outhouses

After leaving the museum I stared making my way to the Arch. I stopped in City Garden for a bit to appreciate the large art sculptures scattered throughout. Two giant bunnies stole my heart and were granted as my favorites. But a giant zipper unzipping the world easily took second place. Plenty of benches sat in the shade which meant I didn’t burn up under the sun that wasn’t supposed to be there today. And guess who decided to leave her hat at the airbnb? *Raises hand* Thankfully I brought sunscreen so at least I didn’t burn but the shade was definitely appreciated.

Bunny in City Garden

I relaxed in the garden for a bit and then made my way to an Indian restaurant for lunch. It appears that this restaurant is solely a lunch buffet restaurant, which I’ve never seen before. I felt a bit out of place but quickly figured out what to do. The food was okay, Denver’s Indian food is definitely much better, but I did find I liked the butter chicken and naan at this place just fine. They had fried banana for dessert which was absolutely delicious so I left feeling full, happy, and cool.

Unzipping the World in City Garden

From lunch, I headed to the Arch. It is quite large and impressive, I liked it more than I thought I would. I wasn’t ready to go inside yet so I wandered to the Mississippi River and marveled how flooded it was. I’m pretty sure the river flooded only a day or two before I came. Supposedly this hasn’t happened in a long time so I feel like I’m part of history getting to see it. I don’t think I’ve been to the Mississippi River as an adult so I felt very pleased with myself that I got to see it on this trip. After watching the water for a bit, I wandered to a nearby tree, sat under its shade, and read.

Excited to see the Arch

Eventually I was ready to go inside so I went under the Arch to check out prices for going up it, only to discover that the next available time was 5:30pm. I had no desire to wait hours just to go up the thing so instead I explored the museum for a bit and then made my way back to the airbnb. Another bus ride, baby! This time I had to walk maybe a mile to catch the bus, which was odd, but it was exercise and I got to see yet another part of St. Louis so I guess it was okay. I caught the bus and cooled off in the AC as we drove by the Budweiser headquarters. It was basically the size of a small college campus or hospital. What I noticed most out of the brick buildings was how little windows they had. I would not want to work there!

I got back in good time and relaxed in the airbnb before going to Tower Grover Park for their farmer’s market. It was smaller than I expected so I didn’t find any trinkets but I did find fried green tomatoes and okra for my dinner. Healthiest dinner ever, right? 😉 I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed the view as clouds rolled in and thunder ominously roared in the background. The thunder got closer and it started to rain slightly so I picked up and headed back. Made it just in time as the rain really came down within minutes of me getting back. I’m hoping to go back out in search of fireflies at some point but I can happily say I saw one firefly on my way back so if that’s all I see tonight I’ll be content.

I keep looking outside but haven’t seen any more fireflies and it’s still quite light outside so I think I’ll google the best time to catch them and see if I can make that work. Good evening, everyone!

Enjoying dinner & my vacation

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