Back home

Goodbye St. Louis

I have successfully made the return trip back to my lovely house in Denver. Solo trip: complete! This morning I finished watching the movie, Julie and Julia, that one movie where the girl cooks every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook. I had pondered watching it ever since it came out and figured this was the perfect time as I know Gene doesn’t want to watch it. It was an okay movie. I felt it fell flat on developing the main character at all. There was very minimal growth in her character and the growth they tried to show seemed shallow and unrealistic. The cooking scenes weren’t even good! Now I’m thinking I need to watch Chocolat again, I remember being very fond of that movie and I’m pretty sure they have good food scenes. Anyway, after the movie I said goodbye to my airbnb and went to the Botanic Gardens for an hour. I felt a bit clunky pulling a suitcase behind me and didn’t feel I could go into the unpaved areas of the garden so I found a bench under a tree right off the sidewalk. I read Mistborn until my Kindle flashed that the battery was dying. Then I felt slight panic because I really wanted to read on the plane. So I turned it off and switched over to my Adventure Time comic. I’ve had this comic for a year and just now got around to reading it!

Water lilies at the park bloomed this morning, telling me goodbye

So I read some and then figured it was as good as time as any to get myself to the airport. I caught my final bus and train, feeling yet again proud of myself. Got to my gate just fine and cross stitched as I waited. The whole flying process takes so long but eventually I got on the plane and flew over the country so I could get back to Colorado. My front yard greeted me as I got home and it looks absolutely wonderful. It’s really becoming my dream yard, I’ll have to post more pictures of it. My peony bloomed!!

Beetle in progress

So here I am at home again, ready for my Colorado summer to start and excited to see what adventures and experiences I will get myself into. What a great life!

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