My day 6-7-19

Excited to be by my garden

First non-vacation day where I didn’t have to go to work. Overall it was really awesome. I went to my community garden today and weeded my small bed. Getting it ready to plant seeds on Monday! I got there at 9am and the sun was already high and hot. I enjoyed my time in the garden and look forward to seeing my vegetables grow.

After weeding, I took my car in for an oil change and some additional tune ups so I wandered over to Dollar Tree while I waited and picked up some pinwheels for my yard at home and my community garden plot. My garden mentor said they possibly help keep rabbits away. I certainly hope so! A couple years ago I had a bunny eating my yard and I’ve seen at least one, maybe two bunnies around the yard this season. In fact, I saw a bunny and a squirrel chilling out together this morning right by Pippin’s catio.

Pinwheel for the backyard

I went to Target after Dollar Tree because my car still wasn’t ready. No problem, I walked more and spent some time outdoors under the sun, it is good for the mood. I wandered Target, trying on lots of clothes but only getting a black tank top. I did, however, end up finding S’more oreos so you know I grabbed those. The housemates and I will try them tonight and I’ll let you know how they taste. Eventually my car was ready and I headed back home.

Hope they’re tasty

I did some chores and then purposely lounged on the couch with Pippin and read. I found myself already getting back in the habit of running around and rushing and I know that if I’m to have a happy life and a great summer, that’s a habit I should try to avoid. I really did relax and breathe and it was lovely. I also talked with my parents as today is my dad’s birthday! They’re currently in Texas visiting family and taking a general vacation.

Pippin and I chilling

Elisabeth got to come home early so together we went grocery shopping for the next week and now we’re home waiting for Gene and Sidney to bike back home to let the weekend officially start. It’s Friday!

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