My day 6-8-19

The s’more oreos have been tasted and judged. The reactions are in:

Gene: They’re pretty good.

Elisabeth: I like them better than regular oreos.

Sidney: They smell really good.

I liked the oreo but wouldn’t buy it again, mostly because I don’t like the white icing filling and this oreo still had that. Although the filling was supposedly marshmallow flavored, I didn’t get that. Still, for an oreo, it was good. Gene kicked it up a notch by making a s’more oreo sandwich with a marshmallow and piece of chocolate in between two oreos.

Last night I gave the housemates enamel pins I purchased for them at the botanic garden in St. Louis. It’s a beet! Eeee, I think it’s so cute, it makes me smile. I got one for myself too and even picked up a gnome pin and a tiny succulent plate. I think I’ll hang the plate up, it brings me much happiness to see it. I also gathered together all my best photos from my solo trip and made a St. Louis photo album for those interested.

Today I went to Nick’s Garden Center with Sidney to pick up the plants I didn’t find at the Botanic Gardens plant sale. I did not get nearly as many as I had planned because plants are expensive. I know this, I’ve known this, but I still dream big it turns out. Sidney was great and told me that I have many years to create the garden I want so that helped me not go too crazy. I did find a good variety of hostas there and wanted a couple of them so badly but they weren’t in my plan at all so I left them be…for now.

I cross stitched some more, my beetle now has one leg, and played a game with Gene which I really enjoyed. It’s a special treat when Gene will play a board game with me as he tends to not like the two player games we’ve found. Then, this afternoon Elisabeth and I went to Cheesman Park to hang out with our comic book meetup. Only three other ladies came but it turned out to be absolutely perfect, we played a game called Boss Monster, a game I had heard of but never played. I enjoyed the game and enjoyed getting to know the women a bit more. They’re such cool people, I need to hang out with them more often. Good thing I’m going to another meetup next weekend – we’ll be discussing cat comics at the cat cafe!

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