My day 6-9-19

Sidney and I went to Lowe’s today for a variety of reasons and I’m happy to say it was a successful trip. While I did not purchase lattice to use as a privacy screen, I did find some to think about and I got everything else on my list! I am so glad Sidney was there because she helped me find the drip irrigation attachments I needed and had been unable to find. Turns out they were in a box marked with a different product. These big box hardware stores are useful because they have so many items, but they’re also really overwhelming and confusing because they have so many items. Regardless, we found what we wanted and I also picked up a few marigolds because they were only a dollar each. Discount plants, yes please.

I laid out the plants I bought from Nick’s Garden Center and put out the stepping stones I had purchased too and appreciated my front yard. I’m thinking I might switch out the stepping stones from square ones to round ones, as the square ones seem just a tiny bit too big for the yard. I’m happy to say that one of my Arizona Blanket Flowers has bloomed (picture above)! I was slightly worried they wouldn’t get enough sun but all of them seem to be doing well and are all starting to bloom. What great color.

My mini snap dragons have also taken off. There are so many blooms right now I think my heart skipped a beat because of how happy I was when I saw them. I am so incredibly proud of my front yard (and my back but mostly my front) right now, it is absolutely gorgeous and in its prime. I even saw a giant bumblebee hanging out in the yard today! Oh my gosh it was huge and fuzzy and so cute. Sidney tried to get a picture of it but it flew around too quickly. I can only hope it comes back so I have another chance to fawn over it.

I started to clean out the garage today too because over the winter and following months I kinda just threw stuff in there without much thought. It was becoming, and perhaps actually was, a mess. But not anymore! There is still work to be done but it already looks much nicer and it’s easier to move around. No hoarding and unorganized piles for me.

Tomorrow I will go to my community garden and plant seeds! And then I’m going to Nonna’s with the housemates for dinner and guess what I’m going to get – that delicious toffee chocolate lava cake. That thing was divine and I am excited to eat it again. Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did.

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