My day 6-10-19

First day of my first full week at home without a job. I started with exercise and then had a lovely breakfast of yogurt, bananas, and the new peach hazelnut granola I just bought from Sprouts. I have to say, the granola was good (it’s also expensive so I won’t be getting it often) and it went perfectly with the banana and the months expired yogurt. I’m not sick yet so I think I’m good?

I read my book as I ate as I was nearing the end and so desperately wanted to finish. But breakfast ended and I needed to do a few other things before the community garden so the book was put on hold for a bit as I did chores. I biked to the garden and met up with my garden mentor, Kathi, who instructed me in turning the soil over to incorporate the compost we had put on and then she helped me go through seeds. We were going to plant but because of some water issue from the weekend, the school that provides us water had shut it off and still not turned it back on. So no planting happened today but I still learned a lot. How tomatoes definitely need a cage around it because the tomato itself gets so heavy it’ll topple the plant. And how you can create a small barrier using a paper towel roll or something of the sort at the base of your plant so worms don’t come around and chomp your plant down. I had a really good time wandering the garden learning about vegetables and how to grow them.

I biked back home just in time for lunch and finished reading my book! Mistborn: The Final Empire is now complete and I’m ready to start on book 2. There are many questions still left unanswered. The book was quite good, perhaps not as good as Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series, but I’m not sure there is a book or a series that can be better than that one. The books in the Mistborn series are shorter than the Stormlight Archive books so that’s wonderful because, while I love Stormlight Archive, it takes so long to get through! I feel good finishing a book so shorter is sometimes better.

I did a couple other chores after that and then went outside to work in the yard! I trimmed a few of my firewitch cheddar pinks and my hollyhocks, i read that if I deadhead the dead cheddar pink flowers, more flowers will bloom all the way through the fall. Here’s hoping. I then planted the flowers I bought at Nick’s Garden Center this weekend – more cheddar pinks and columbines. I now have the beginnings of a cheddar pink “river”.

I also planted the discount marigolds I got at Lowe’s. I put those in a few of the potted plants on the deck in hopes that the marigolds will perk up and make the deck more colorful. If they work, then I’m definitely going to keep looking in the discount sections for flowers. Actually, I’ll probably look in the discount section regardless. 😉

As I was grabbing water for the marigolds, I spotted a tiny blue egg shell! I couldn’t find any nearby nests so I’m not sure how it got by my house but I hope the baby bird once inside is alive and happy. And then, I kid you not, within minutes of me planting that first marigold, a butterfly came up and laid on it. And then a dragonfly flew past. I thought I must be Snow White.

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