My day 6-11-19

Today I went to Front Range Community College to meet with an adviser about the horticulture program, get my student ID, and find my classrooms. I was successful in doing all of those things, in fact all of my questions were answered plus some, so that made me happy. But what really intrigued me was a small building at one end of the campus that was next to the greenhouse (that’s right, there’s a greenhouse!). All along the building were lovely flowers and hostas (!!) so I’m hoping this is where the higher level horticulture classes are and one day I can stare outside at the flowers as I listen to the professors. I’ll definitely be asking the professors about that area and might have to explore on my own sometime.

As I was looking for my classrooms, I happened upon a small art gallery along the main hallway. The colors called to me so I popped my head in and discovered artist Sam Stevens and his 360 degree art. From my understanding, he takes a BUNCH of pictures and then stitches them together to make a 360 photograph. He also had some painted records and painted canvases. The painted pieces were perhaps my favorite as I loved the colors he used and the way he blended them together (see a part of one to the left . Overall his art is beautiful. Check out his website to see his photograph work, he has a breathtaking sunset piece on there that fills me with such peace. I want to see that sunset in real life!

I came home and relaxed for a bit before planting my backyard plants and doing a bit of picking up and trimming. It’s my goal that by the end of the day on Friday I have re-set up my drip irrigation system and got that going. I’m generally too lazy to hand water plants so I need to ensure the drip system has my plants’ backs (or stems?). The “tiny rubies” cheddar pinks have taken to the yard quite nicely already and in fact have bloomed lots more flowers over a day, look how cute they are! They were a great addition to the yard. I wonder what I’ll discover in the yard tomorrow.

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