Past few days

Friday I worked in the front yard, setting up the drip irrigation system. I ran out of materials before I finished, I have like 14 more plants that need to be connected to water. These are the moments where I realize how many plants I have and that next time I do something like this I’m using those drip tubes that drip water everywhere instead of having all of these tubes that shoot out from the main one. So much work. The work itself isn’t bad, granted, but it does cause lots of pain in my left thumb. Still, it was very pleasant and if it weren’t for the thumb pain, I’d be fine doing drip irrigation stuff all the time. It was a lovely morning and I fawned over my new salvia plants, they’re doing wonderfully and have many blooms.

Yesterday I biked to my community garden and watered my plants. They’re still alive and doing well after three days. I should hope so! I still have a week or so before I should see sprouts for my cucumbers and chives.

In the afternoon I watched the musical, Fiddler on the Roof. Oh my gosh it was so wonderful, I loved it so much. From the first moment I knew this was going to be a musical I enjoyed. The cast was extremely talented, and the first song, Tradition, was one of my favorites of the whole show. I smiled so big as they sang, it was perfect. Everyone was impressive dancers and singers. During one of the songs, some of them did Russian dancing and in another song some of them danced while balancing bottles on their heads. They made me want to dance, they were that good. I was constantly smiling. I think this may be one of my favorite musicals I’ve ever seen. I had a perfect seat, in fact, for the first half, no one sat in front of me. And for the second half, I had a woman in front of me on my right but she didn’t block my view at all. How did I luck out?

After Fiddler on the Roof, I drove to Kaitlin’s to celebrate Ollie at his 1st birthday party! I’m so glad I went, I had an absolute blast and it was great to see everyone. EG was adorable and asked me to spend time with her, which made me feel special and loved. I watched her go down her new slide and she sat on my lap while Kaitlin did story time for all the kids. She came to me and asked me to help her wash her hands, which touched my heart so much. That she trusted me to ask for help. I love that one so much, she and I are going to be great friends. And I’m getting really excited to see what Ollie is going to be like now that he’s starting to get older. He smiles all the time and crawls everywhere and is so curious, he’s going to be awesome too.

The decorations and details that Kaitlin put into the party were so impressive. Even after I got back home I discovered more details. Kaitlin made personalized stickers to go on the popcorn that said “Oliver’s 1st birthday”, they were so cute. I really liked the cupcake pots that she made, they may have been my favorite. She made mini cupcakes and put a bit of frosting on them and covered them with crushed oreos. They sat in little gardening pots and I think I had four or five of them! They were that good, I really liked them, the crushed oreos are what did it for me. Thank goodness I’m too lazy to make cupcakes all the time because otherwise I’d be eating these every week.

I so enjoyed the party and all the details that I even took home a party favor bag. I couldn’t help it, Kaitlin had Peter Rabbit on the front and he even had a little cotton tail. And the party favor included some bunny cheddar snacks AND carrot seeds. Guess what I’ll be doing today?! Yesterday was such a great today.

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