My day 6-16-19

Yesterday I ate homemade white bread for breakfast (thanks, Gene!), planted the jalapeno plant I got from the community garden the previous day, and then dashed out into the world. I made a very quick stop at the community garden to water my seeds and then headed to the Denver Cat Company to meet with my comic friends. We discussed cat comics as we watched adoptable cats roam the cafe and we attempted to pet all the ones that passed by us. This place has definitely stepped up its game since the last time I visited maybe 5 plus years ago? The last time, and only time, I went there previously there were only three cats out and two of them were being hogged by a family. I was disappointed and had no interest in going back. So this was an extremely positive change and I quite enjoyed myself. It made me want to have all the cats, of course, but I stepped out of the establishment without adopting one so I’m proud.

I brought the one cat comic I have that I picked up at DINK two years ago and everyone liked it. I also discovered a manga about a cat named Chi that one of my friends brought. I might look into, it looked like a really cute manga that I would enjoy. That reminded me of cat mugs that Snowl has as decorations that I absolutely love. Last time I was there I asked them if they sold the mugs and they told me no and provided no guidance as to where they got them (the staff didn’t know, sadly). I googled around and found one set on Amazon that I might get but the other mugs I like are way more expensive than I think any mug should be. I was going to use them as planters for flowers (thanks Elisabeth for the suggestion) but now I’m not so sure after seeing the price. $40 for two mugs? How?! Maybe if I get good grades this upcoming semester I’ll reward myself with those mugs. Yes, I’m liking that idea quite a bit.

There were also loads of cat paintings in the cat cafe and I really liked the one above so much that I snapped the picture so I can try to copy it at home. I really need Lydia to come visit again so she can help guide me! But since I know that won’t happen for a while, I’m going to have to give it a go on my own. I’m realizing I have a lot of things I want to do this summer and perhaps less time than I originally thought. That’s how life goes, right?

The rest of the day I relaxed, made strawberry ice cream, went on a walk, and watched a movie. It was a really decent Sunday. Because King Soopers is having a sale on strawberries and because I said I needed to test out the ice cream machine again, I decided strawberry ice cream was the way to go. While this ice cream batch turned out better than the previous one, I still think our ice cream machine is on its last legs and if I want more homemade ice cream I’ll have to learn the coffee can method or spend some money on a new machine. Decisions, decisions.

On the evening walk, I spotted a cherry tree in a neighbor’s yard and got so excited that I picked one. I felt slightly guilty for taking someone else’s fruit but the fact that it was so small and turned out to not be ripe is punishment enough. That thing was sour!

I’m including two more pictures from Ollie’s birthday party because I didn’t put them in my post yesterday and I think the details are just too cute to not share with the world. The picture above is Peter Rabbit on the party favor bag and the picture below is the personalized sticker that went on the popcorn. I took it off the popcorn and put it on the bag to make sure I had that sticker forever. It’s just too cute to trash. Isn’t Kaitlin so talented?! I decided that the next time Gene and I have a shindig, I’m hiring her to do all the decorations.

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