My day 6-17-19

What a great day I had on Monday. I got my hair cut at a salon in the Stanley Marketplace, which meant that I stopped by Glazed and Confused donuts on the way out. I got their Samoan donut. Honestly, I don’t think they have the best donuts in Denver. They’re a little dry and the flavors seem to be just a bit off for my liking. They are huge, though, so you could split one or two donuts with someone else. And they do have unique and interesting flavors that are worth a try at least once. I also bought a meat cone from Mondo Market because lunchtime was calling me and a portable cone of meat sounded like my kind of thing. The pepperoni was good and this other meat they put in there was also quite tasty but I have no clue what it is. I didn’t bother to ask. They also included two small chunks of flavorful cheese that I enjoyed. I quite like Stanley Marketplace. I stopped by Sweet Cow to see if they had grapenut ice cream but no luck this time. I did see candied ginger on the list though so I told Gene I’d have to take him there so he could try it.

Anyways, I like my haircut so far. I’m always a tiny bit hopeful that each time I get my hair cut will be the time that I discover a new hairstyle that I fall in love with and that changes me completely. That hope has never come to pass but I usually like my cuts well enough. This one may be one of the shorter haircuts I’ve ever had. I considered cutting it really short but the stylist recommended this length to start so I said okay. I really like how short it is in the back. Clementine’s, the place I went to, even gave me a welcome bag for it being my first time going there. I thought that was really sweet. It included some chocolates, a 20% coupon for a product, a sample product, and a good quality pen. I’m impressed.

Other than my hair cut, I was finally able to video chat with my friend, Katie! It had been maybe 8 or so months since we had been able to chat because of our lives and because Katie is about to get married! In July the housemates and I will be flying to Washington to participate in the wedding, I am so excited because not only does it mean I get to see Katie but I know the wedding is going to be so much fun and I’m going to really enjoy myself. Her and her fiance, Mitchell, booked a cool lodge in a forest and the pictures I saw made me know it’s the perfect location. I’ll be sure to share pictures I take.

I also met up with the comic meetup leadership team to discuss meetup protocol and procedures. We had dinner at Atomic Cowboy. In the afternoons, Denver Biscuit Co becomes a pizza place. The pizza was okay, not amazing. I got a slice of cheese pizza and not all of the cheese was even melted. But the slice itself was huge so that was nice. I plan on sticking with the breakfast biscuits though.

P.S. Yesterday was my wedding anniversary with Gene – we’ve been married for 2 years now! I love that man.

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