My day 6-18-19 and 6-19-19

Yesterday was an errand and Satisfactory day. In Satisfactory, I’m catching up to where Gene and I are in the game. I’m very proud of my set up, I planned it out on physical paper and then destroyed my previous mess of a place and rebuilt. (Satisfactory is an optimization factory building game.) With Gene’s encouragement, I increased the amount of coal power plants I had and now I can power anything. Organization for the win!

I made chicken vegetable soup for dinner as Gene and Sidney are feeling under the weather. Elisabeth showed off her new 1 pound weights she was given to improve her injured arm and I couldn’t help but snap a picture. The weights were so cute and they went perfectly with Elisabeth’s pink hair. After dinner the housemates and I watched the new Men in Black movie. I quite enjoyed it, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are an adorable pair that really seem to get along. I loved seeing Tessa in a suit and all of the various Men in Black employees wearing awesome black suits and outfits. One day I might have to get a suit for myself and look just as badass. The story itself wasn’t great by any means and I was slightly disappointed in that but I still laughed and had a great time.

Today was a lovely day for me. I worked in the yard for a few hours where I finally put up edging! I have wanted to do this for so long, years probably. Last week I bought edging and today was the day it went in. I love it. I think it makes the yard look so much better and cleaner and I could not be happier. I need to buy more of it as I ran out but I did get two whole sections done and most of a third section. Just need to finish that third section and perhaps add some on to the sidewalk by the stairs and I’m done. It was so easy to put in, the most time consuming thing was moving my soil and mulch and removing the many rocks I continue to come across. Will I ever be done moving rocks?! I didn’t mind the work in the slightest, it brought me such peace and happiness.

Edging going in

I did some other yard work, which included appreciating all of the pincushion flowers I have and the many buds that are currently forming (see picture above). What a lovely flower and this year the two pincushions in the front are thriving. I have some beautiful Arizona Blanket Flower blooms as well and my new Windwalker Desert Salvia continues to bloom it’s deep pink flowers. I’m also crossing my fingers that my Mountain Columbine in the back will flower more, I can’t tell if it’s going that way or if those are old blooms. Time will tell.

Tonight the housemates and I are going to see Eddie Izzard so that should be loads of fun. Gene and I saw him last time he was in town years ago so it will be good to see him again.

Serbian bellflowers

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