Eddie Izzard & family time

Last night the housemates and I saw Eddie Izzard perform and he was amazing. I liked this show even better than the first time I saw him years ago. He mentioned this might be his last tour because he’s going into politics. While I wish him the best in that, I do hope he has other tours because this show was perhaps one of my favorite comedy shows of all time and it would sadden me to think I’d never get another like it again. It was a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Eddie Izzard is a pretty great role model – he’s run more marathons than I can count to raise money for charity and now he’s training to do long distance swimming. And instead of doing comedy he’s going into politics to try to make life better for the people living on this planet. I want to be like him when I grow up.

So the show got out at 10:30pm which meant I didn’t get into bed until 11:30 and then I couldn’t fall asleep. That’s not normal for me, I can usually fall asleep within minutes, so that stressed me out a bit which meant it was even harder to fall asleep. And once I was asleep I woke up multiple times in the night. It wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had. So I was tired.

But I still wanted to see Kaitlin, Ollie, and EG so I went on over today and spent time with them. Yet again I had a blast.

EG was quick to warm up to me and according to Kaitlin, she had been talking about me all day yesterday, excited to see me. We played inside for a bit where she showed me her new insect game and how she can count boxes and identify colors. I learned that she really likes spiders.

We then went outside where EG played on the slide for a while and I tried to encourage her that grasshoppers were cool and would not harm her. I don’t think I succeeded. We played in the sandbox where we made cookies and buried little plastic lizards.

After a quick snack everyone headed to a nearby park where we attempted to play in the little splash water park. I say attempted because EG was a bit scared and wasn’t able to really warm to the idea of enjoying herself for very long. There were a lot of big kids running around and the water was deeper than I anticipated. But she still had some fun and Ollie enjoyed himself too for a bit and it was nice to be outside and in the sun.

While eating lunch, EG grabbed a handful of grapes and shoved them all in her mouth at once. I was so proud. At another point, she wrapped a blanket around me so that I could be Elsa from Frozen. Then, Kaitlin put an adorable fedora like hat on Ollie while he ate and I fell in even more love with him. I adore my niece and nephew and am so proud of Kaitlin for all the work she does.

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