Concert & Brunch

Elisabeth and I got to see Andrea Bocelli in concert Friday evening. The Colorado Symphony accompanied him as well as two guest singers and a violinist. I had such a wonderful time. It took me a few songs to really get into it but then I was into it and loved every following minute. Most of the music was opera music so I didn’t know what was said, but it was still beautiful. There were a couple of English songs sung toward the end and I enjoyed those as well. Andrea didn’t speak a word to the audience until the second half, which was interesting. I figured he didn’t speak English and then he came back from intermission and spoke English so that was a surprise. I so adored all the singers and the violinist they were absolutely amazing and extremely talented. We also had dancers come out for a few songs and perform a variety of dances. It was truly a fun and extraordinary evening.

I have to say though, I was disappointed in the Symphony’s choir. They didn’t impress me back in the Final Fantasy concert and they didn’t impress me at this concert. They were actually bad. I’m not sure how that’s possible as I imagine the choir is full of talented people, but this group seems to struggle at most songs. Some of the music that evening would have been better if the choir had kept their mouth shut. It was that bad.

Yesterday I went to a friend’s apartment for brunch where I had muffins, crepes, and German pancakes. What a spread! I brought fruit salad in a weak attempt to eat something other than carbs. Did I succeed though? No, I didn’t even eat any of the fruit and instead took a second muffin. 😛 What can I say, it was a really good muffin. I had a good time and got to meet a few new people while I was at it. The rest of my day was spent hanging out, playing Satisfactory, and relaxing.

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