Moab Trip – Day 1

Gene and I made it back home from our trip to Moab. The sights were absolutely gorgeous, some even breathtaking.

We left the house on Tuesday and headed straight to the bakery in Georgetown that we both really enjoyed. Sadly, we discovered that it is permanently closed, no explanation given. That was a bummer and a lesson to always confirm with Google but we didn’t let it get us down too much and went to a nearby cafe for breakfast instead. There was only one chef and one waiter so it took us an hour to get our food, which was hard for me but I made it through and greatly enjoyed my biscuit and ham once I received my meal. It was back on the road after that.

As we got closer to Moab we took the scenic route into town so we could enjoy driving right through the canyons. It was a great choice and I got very excited to see the La Sal mountains peaking through our view. I had no idea what to expect so when we turned the corner and saw the Colorado River with canyons and the mountains behind it I gasped. I loved the scenery so much that I stopped the car multiple times to take it in and take pictures. It also meant I saw some cool plants and flowers along the side of the road too. There was a flowering bush with peach colored flowers that I grew quite attached to but there were also yellow daisy-like flowers.

Eventually we got ourselves to Moab and our motel, settled in a bit, and then headed out to Arches National Park. Because we got there in the evening, we got into the park for free as the park was closed by then. We drove around trying to find the perfect place to watch the sunset. We saw beautiful sights along the way. Arches National Park has lots of turn out spots, most of which are at truly pretty places. The rocks and plants are so different from Denver that I was constantly pointing things out to Gene. We chose Panorama Point as our final destination, of course, and sat at a picnic table eating bread and cheese and waiting for the sun to say goodbye. We stood at the edge of the parking lot and watched the sun set. There were gorgeous clouds throughout that evening and I enjoyed watching the sky change.

We stopped one other area within the park after sunset because the silhouettes of the rocks were so cool and then we headed back to the motel to sleep so we could get up early the next morning to go hiking. It got so hot there, high 90s, that we knew we needed to get our hiking done early.

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