Past few days

On Fourth of July, the housemates and I went over to Kaitlin’s house for a few hours to have lunch and spend time with my family. I had an absolute blast. Kaitlin had just purchased a kiddie pool so we got to chill outside and I put my feet in the water as EG and Ollie played. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. EG did such a great job of warming up to Sidney and Elisabeth quickly. Yet again, she was so kind and loving to me that it warmed my heart. She asked me to go outside with her and before she took a nap she asked if I would do “I’m gonna get you” with her two times. She shared her food with me as she ate lunch and I helped her clean up when she was done. She had me put sunscreen on her and before we left she made sure Gene gave me my water bottle as she didn’t like that he was holding my stuff. Her and I are buddies for sure.

I got to see Kevin and my parents too which was a nice treat. Kevin was smoking ribs while we were there and they smelled delicious. We left before they came out so I’m hoping someday I can go over and have homemade ribs sometime, they looked quite good.

My pie and ice cream were successful. I quite liked the pie and I am proud with how it turned out. The bottom crust wasn’t as firm as I was hoping so I’ll have to keep trying to improve it but the top crust and the filling were great. There’s only one slice left so I’m thinking I”ll have to make another one when we get back from vacation. Maybe I can ask Dave for advice when I’m at the farmhouse, because I know he makes great pie.

Yesterday I cleaned for most of the day so I wouldn’t feel the need this weekend and to get ready to leave the house next week. But I did go to dinner with my long time friend, Meseret, and it was wonderful. We went to Washington Park Grille, a place I had heard of but never been to before. We sat on the beautiful patio and I got a flatbread appetizer for my dinner and I quite enjoyed it. I actually ate the entire thing. But it was really the conversation that was the best part. Meseret doesn’t live in Colorado so it’s always fantastic to be able to see her. I so wish we lived closer to each other because she’s such an awesome person to spend time with. I hope we can see each other again before she flies out to Phoenix to start a new job. She’ll be teaching at Arizona State University! How cool is that?! I have a friend who is going to be a college professor. It was just lovely catching up with her and was a nice way to end my day.

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