My day 7-8-19

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time at Kaitlin’s. Had to get my Kaitlin, EG, and Ollie fix in before I went on vacation for a week! The three of them were waiting for me on the porch when I pulled up. I didn’t see them at first so when I looked at the house it was such a lovely surprise to see them sitting there. EG was wearing the most adorable one piece that she had recently gotten and she almost immediately wanted to play outside with me.

We played with her water table while Kaitlin put Ollie down for a nap and then Kaitlin and I emptied out and refilled the kiddie pool so EG could play in that. She’s practicing how to kiss the water and she enjoyed crawling around in the pool. Ollie joined us eventually and we had a good time in the sun.

I had to leave earlier than normal because yesterday was community volunteer time at the community garden. So I put in my two hours helping put down garden fabric around the outside of the garden so the whole place will look nicer. It was once full of weeds but some great volunteers and gardeners dug all that up. The fabric will prevent the weeds and our garden leader is getting us some nice river rock to put down. I’m excited to see how it looks. It was great to be outside and burn some calories and help make a place look better.

After garden time I ran home real quick, grabbed Pippin, and then drove to my parents’ house so they could watch Pippin while I’m on vacation. Pippin was such a trooper on the drive over, he sat in the front seat almost the entire time and he didn’t throw up once. I am so incredibly proud of him. It took him some time to adjust at his home away from home but as I write this he’s laying on top of the couch quite comfortably as he stares out the window at the birds. So I think he’ll be just fine.

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