Gene and I are getting a divorce. I feel sad, angry, and betrayed. I feel many other emotions and my healing process will take a long time. Gene cannot give me what I need in a relationship and I cannot give him what he needs. It really sucks. I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I feel scared and overwhelmed about my future. I have never felt this much pain in my life before.

I write this post as part of my healing process. It is my intention to be transparent that I am going through an emotionally tough time in my life, I had hidden it for a while and I don’t want to hide any longer. It is also my intention that I use this blog to acknowledge my pain but to also focus on the positives in my life. While some relationships are ending, many others are growing stronger. I have been surrounded by such love and support that I don’t have the words to describe my gratitude. Kaitlin and Elisabeth stepped up more than I ever could have asked and truly led me through my darkest moments and continue to do so. Kevin and my parents supported and still support me. Lydia has reached out and sent her love. Katie has offered her support and love. My friends and old coworkers in Denver have listened to me and shown patience, understanding, and love. I am taken aback by how much love surrounds me. To all of you who are here for me, thank you.

Life is complicated and this situation is complicated. I am not comfortable sharing the details, perhaps another time. But do know that I am confident in decisions I made and I am confident that my life will turn out happier in the end. I do not regret most of my time with Gene, we had truly lovely and happy moments. And now it’s time for me to have those moments without him.