Moving into apartment

Yesterday marked one week since Elisabeth and I moved into an apartment. Last Sunday was brutal and exhausting but with Kaitlin’s and Kevin’s help and two of Elisabeth’s friends’ help, we got everything moved over in one day. These are the moments when I think, “do I have too much stuff?” The answer is yes, but I still want most of it. Perhaps I’ll have to make it a more frequent and routine thing to go through my belongings.

I’m settling in and really liking the space. Elisabeth and I are trying to maximize the space we have so we’re having fun figuring out how to organize the kitchen. We borrowed Kevin and Kaitlin’s drill yesterday and put up a kitchen organizer, magnetic knife strip, and coat rack. Today I put up a curtain rod in my bedroom. I feel like a strong female! I even set up the internet, Google Home, and Hue lights mostly by myself. That’s a good confidence boost right there.

Moving, for the most part, has been a positive experience. But Pippin is still adjusting and has been waking up around 3:30 or 4 every morning and he won’t settle down until around 6. I feel sad for him and annoyed for me. I bought him calming pheromones but I don’t think they’re helping that much. So I’m trying to focus on play and routine right now to see if that helps. I think we’re making slow progress.

Other positives that happened this past week:

My parents came over and helped me put up art and treated me to lunch. Putting up art can be a bit stressful for me as I worry about not having everything lined up perfectly. So it was wonderful that my mom took a relaxed, confident approach and it totally worked. My bedroom and bathroom walls are now covered in art. I plan on sharing pictures on my blog in upcoming days as I get around to taking pictures.

Katie and Mitchell surprised me with my own gardening toolkit, adorable owl planters, and an herb garden kit. It was a complete surprise and everything is right up my alley. I didn’t know gardening toolkits existed, how have I lived this long without one?! It’s compact and cute, perfect. I know what I’m working on tomorrow!

Kaitlin let me borrow 100 Hygge Challenges book. “Hygge” is a Nordic term about how to live a happy life. It’s about “letting go of everyday life and being in the moment”, “genuine presence”. She told me about it when I was living with her and it’s something that I’m quite interested in as I strive to be happier and to heal. I’m excited to flip through the book and see what ideas call to me. One of the challenges is host a relaxed dinner part – who’s in?!

Friends have texted and messaged me to say hello and check in. I’ve gone on a couple of walks and I bought myself two house plants today. Here’s to a week where I can focus on the positive.

One thought on “Moving into apartment

  1. I’m sure Pippin will settle down in time, It’s a hard adjustment for everyone, but the future is exciting, and I’m confident you’re all going to be happy 🙂

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