My day and apartment tour – bedroom

This morning I woke up feeling anxious and sad. I gave myself time and space to feel and eventually I got through it but I have had a few other sad moments today. That’s how my life is right now but one day I’ll have a whole day where I don’t feel sad or angry or hurt. It’ll happen one day. And for today, I gave myself permission to be me, and that meant a person who felt sad sometimes.

At the same time, I had happy moments today too and it’s important I acknowledge those moments as well as the other ones. An old coworker emailed me a recipe link to the homemade bread she makes. She had given me the recipe a couple years ago but I lost it and had never gotten the chance to try it. But now is a great time to try to make my own bread (I got used to Gene’s homemade bread and it’s hard to go back to store bought) so I emailed her and she happily sent me the info. I had really great timing too because tomorrow is her last day at DPS, so I caught her just in the nick of time! I now have her personal email address and maybe we can get together sometime.

I also video chatted with my friend, Katie, where she got me excited about looking up plant shops near me. I might just go visit one tomorrow. And I finished putting up chicken wire on the balcony for Pippin’s new catio and as I write this Pippin is lounging on the cement, a foot away from the scratching bed I brought out for him, enjoying himself. That makes me happy.

Now, I’d like to share my awesome new bedroom. Basically, I want to show off all the art in my room, it’s the best part about it (although, I did order orange curtains from Amazon yesterday so they may tie for best part once they get here).

When you first walk in, the wall to the right has my enamel pin board and my two framed postcards from Rocky Mountain National Park. My pin board looks a little empty, now that I’m looking at it a bit more. I’m thinking once I get a job again it’ll be time for me to start filling it! Plant and flower enamel pins here I come. Straight ahead from my bedroom door are sliding glass doors that lead to one of the balconies. My bed is to the left and a lovely wall that is now decorated with pictures is to the right. There are closets on both sides of the door.

As you can see above, I hung the cat painting I did at Lydia’s house last month! I also have a painting done by Lydia and a painting done by my grandpa up there too. It’s a really calming wall and I like how it turned out quite a bit (thanks, Mom!).

My dresser is in a corner and has my personal credo, a cross stitch I did, and a Box of Sunshine that Kaitlin gave me. Plus, the only air plant that survived my lack of care! I’m pretty sure it’s still alive and I actually watered it yesterday so I’m hoping it starts to grow now that I’m committed to tending to it.

Above my dresser is a framed picture I took in Washington, a wonderful embroidery by Kaitlin, my dice/geek display, and a cool shelf I found at Target that houses a gorgeous yellow flower from my mom. The embroidery that Kaitlin made for me says “Hello beautiful” and it makes me smile every time I see it and think about it. Kaitlin is so talented! I need her to teach me how to embroider.

Kaitlin also painted me this gorgeous painting that says “You are enough”, which, combined with the “Hello beautiful” are wonderful reminders for me (and for everyone). I’m thinking I’ll put that painting above my bed and maybe get some floral decals to surround it? I’m not exactly sure yet. I know Elisabeth liked the painting too so maybe we’ll find a place for it in the main room.

Eventually I’d like to add a large plant plus many smaller plants into my room but that will be slow going. Perhaps one or both of the plants I bought yesterday will end up in my room. I think lots of shelves and hanging baskets will be in my near future! So that’s my room, a calming, bright, colorful place that gets afternoon sun and where a certain cat likes to spend his time. I like it.

3 thoughts on “My day and apartment tour – bedroom

  1. love, love, LOVE it! Everything is so you – bright and beautiful! Keep moving forward – and keep feeling those emotions as they come – this is healing.

  2. HI Lauren, I know this time has to continue to be so difficult and painful for you, but I just wanted to commend you for you upbeat attitude. I love seeing the things in your apartment that bring you joy, especially sweet Pippen. What a lucky kitty to have his own catio. Hang in there……better days are coming. Hugs. Lisa

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your room! It’s looking so good! I cannot wait to see what else you and Elisabeth do with your home!

    I absolutely adore you, and admire you. I’m always here if you need anything.

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