Apartment tour – bathroom

I HAVE to show off my bathroom because somehow it became a dinosaur themed bathroom?! And I love it. What can I say, I’m a 30 year old woman who likes dinosaurs. Last year, my friends Katie and Mitchell purchased me dinosaur art I had on my wishlist and I had yet to find the perfect place to hang them…until now. All four lovely pieces of art now hang above my toilet. Kinda weird, but kinda not, because it 100% works and looks amazing.

Once we had those pieces up I knew I needed to put the t-rex planter my coworkers gifted me on my counter. A couple of fake succulents from Ikea, another vase that looked like an ancient shell, fancy soap from my mom, and bam, my bathroom corner is rocking.

A few days later I created a motivational sign based on an image my mom had found and I put up one of my crayon arts I had done long ago. It may not be dinosaur related, but it was inspired by space and I figure space and dinosaurs go well together. Right? It’s my bathroom so I do what I want. I quite like my bathroom and the fact that I have so many drawers means that my toothbrush is the only toiletry on my counter. It feels almost like a hotel bathroom with how sparse it is, it’s great.

3 thoughts on “Apartment tour – bathroom

  1. Okay, bare with me here…

    When we ordered those Dino prints, I had a weird feeling that they were something you’d need, but didn’t need right then.

    There is literally no way I would have ever known you’d end up needing them now, but its interesting, that though they were a birthday gift, they are kinda a symbol for the next chapter in your life.

    You are amazing, and beautiful inside and out, and I know that sometimes things seem dark, but you’ve got this! You are such an amazing person. I love you dearly friend.

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