My week

Another week gone by. On Wednesday, I checked out my community garden and finally stopped at Country Fair Garden Center to see what they offered. I kept telling myself I’d go to that garden store for probably a year now so I figured this week would be a good week to go. It was full of stuff, most of which was not to my personal taste, but I did find a lovely flower pot and a beautiful hypoestes polka dot plant that I picked up. No more buying plants until I have a job again. And also maybe some shelves…I have no great places to put these plants so they hang out on the floor and the kitchen table. At least Elisabeth doesn’t seem to mind.

That day Elisabeth and I also met up at Costco to stock ourselves up on ziploc bags, cereal, and a body pillow for me. Little did we know that a giant storm was coming our way. Rain was pouring so heavily when we checked out that most of the customers were crowded under the awning, just watching the rain. But I was ready to go home so I told Elisabeth I was going to grab my car and pull up as close as I could and we would load up. Well, I didn’t correctly assess how crazy the rain was and I got absolutely soaked, from my head down to my shoes. I wrung my hair out three times in the car, I had to take off my glasses because they were so wet, and my shirt and pants were soggy. Thankfully, Elisabeth had an amazingly great attitude about it and laughed herself silly, which made me smile and laugh. So we both got wet, but we changed into warmer clothes back at the apartment and I had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to end the evening.

On Thursday I spent the day with Kaitlin, EG, and Ollie and had a blast. Kaitlin got this really cool splash pad for the kids but turns out I loved it as well so we spent a couple of hours outside, cooling ourselves off in the water. Kaitlin let the kids have popsicles afterward and it was such a joy to watch them messily eat, especially Ollie who didn’t quite understand the concept of holding the popsicle stick. I swear, Ollie’s face has changed since I saw him the previous week, he looks slightly older and skinnier now. I couldn’t believe it, such little time, I’m so excited for when he can talk. And EG just gets more and more eloquent each day, I love listening to her and what she says. But what I really enjoyed is when she made me a pretend fruit salad comprised of two cupcakes and a piece of lettuce. That girl has imagination!

On Friday I had lunch with a friend who gave me advice about healing from a divorce/separation. She went through one years ago and it was so nice to hear that the feelings I have now are the same ones she had and she kind of laid out how it would likely look for me over the next few months and year and years following. I also got to eat Thai food so that was a bonus.

Then, later in the evening I went to Brenda’s book launch and signing! I’ve been hearing about and waiting for this book for a while now and was so excited to be able to get my own copy and celebrate with Brenda. It was also just really great to get to see her and to finally be able to support her in something, since she’s always the one supporting me! She even let me take home some of her extra cookies and Chick-fil-A lemonade, how awesome is that? And, she had these adorable butterfly decorations/bookmarks that we could take with the book so I grabbed a yellow one. I’m debating about keeping it and putting it with one of my plants or giving it to EG, since I know how much she loves yellow. Maybe we’ll have to share it.

Yesterday I also got a surprise homemade journal from my mom who put in inspiring and motivational quotes. I plan on reading a page or two a day, to help get my day started right. I couldn’t help myself though and I read two pages last night, it was also a good way to end the day. 🙂 And now the weekend has begun and I’m relaxing and seeing friends today and tomorrow.

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