My weekend

Yesterday I started my morning with kix cereal, orange juice, and the Hygge book Kaitlin let me borrow. I sat out on the balcony while the air was still cool and I flipped through the book, marking which challenges I wanted to try. I made my list and have added a page to this blog so I can keep track of them, and so you can too. You can find the link to that page at the top of this site.

The rest of my morning was about as relaxing, I read as much of On a Sunbeam, a webcomic and graphic novel, as I could before the comic meetup that afternoon. If you’re interested in comics, an intriguing space story, or fantasy art, I highly suggest you take a look. It’s quite long but much of it is gorgeous art so you can read the whole thing in a few hours. Everyone at the meetup loved it, including myself.

I also worked on my house plants some more, potting some, cleaning up others, and putting the majority of them on a shelf by the balcony door. I’m going to let them all live there for at least a week to see how they do. I like the location and I like turning around and seeing all of the green. I hope I can keep them alive.

In the afternoon I went to my comic meetup where we went to a coffee shop I had never been to before, Hooked on Colfax. It was quite a nice space, especially since they had a downstairs area where few people went so we were basically by ourselves. We have a hard time finding quiet spaces and this space was relatively quiet so I was thrilled. I got to see most of the core members of the meetup, which made me happy. Some I hadn’t seen for months so it was a good thing for me to see their faces again.

Elisabeth and I went grocery shopping after that, had dinner, and then went on an evening walk before I chatted with Kaitlin and went to bed. I needed to get up relatively early this morning so I could go to breakfast with another friend!

We met up at Syrup since I had a coupon and we caught up with one another while I ate pancakes and drank more oj. I’m always impressed with Cherry Creek’s outdoor flower arrangements anytime I’m in the area and today was no exception. Even though we’re almost in September, the flowers were blooming beautifully with such vivid colors.

After breakfast I went straight to my community garden for my two hours of monthly volunteer time. It was only 10am and it was already 85 degrees and climbing, I was so incredibly hot that two hours could not come fast enough. It was good to see some people and I did get to try cheeze whiz there (love it just as much as I did when a kid) and check on my vegetables so it was beneficial but the heat almost got to me. My tomatoes and peppers are still growing and I will try to get into a more consistent watering schedule as my garden leader said my peppers were struggling possibly because of lack of structure. Oops. That’s what divorce and moving will do to you I guess – mess up your peppers! At least she said I could still eat the peppers, just cut around the weird parts.

I got home and made myself my own charcuterie board inspired by all the gorgeous boards I see out there, including the Cheese by Numbers instagram I follow. It’s my goal this year to make one of her plates sometime, they’re always beautiful and the way she shows you how to make them means that they are more accessible too. Anyways, I really liked how my lunch plate turned out – both visually and in regards to taste. ;P

After lunch, Elisabeth and I spent an hour trying to figure out how to locate studs in our apartment for the tv mount we got. We aren’t sure if the stud finder I bought is wonky or if the wall is wonky or what, but the studs keep shifting on us. After an hour, and really probably much sooner than that, I told Elisabeth I give up. I think we’ll buy another stud finder and see how that goes and here’s hoping our original plan for the tv will still work. If not, we’ll figure something else out, but I’d prefer not to.

Now I get to relax the rest of the evening and get ready for another week of job hunting and seeing friends. Guess that’s not too bad, huh?

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