My day 8-29-19

Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands, mostly to avoid feeling anxious as Elisabeth is gone the next 7 days in Washington. I haven’t really been alone since Gene and I separated and I feel a bit nervous that these next 7 days are going to test me. So I’ve been trying to schedule time to see friends and family so I’m not by myself in the apartment the whole time. While I didn’t see anyone yesterday, I did go out and about.

After grocery shopping I made English Muffin bread and strawberry jam (thanks Ben for the bread recipe!). I didn’t want to be on my computer watching Netflix all day so I figured why not spend an hour or two baking and cooking. It takes concentration and is pretty relaxing for me so I enjoyed it. However, I did leave the jam to fend for itself for a minute and it boiled over, causing a lovely burnt mess on the burner. Oops. Looks like I’m cleaning the kitchen today.

The bread turned out good but dense. I’ll have to do some research as to why, maybe I let it rise too long? I’ve been watching The Great British Bake Off and just watched their bread episode and I still don’t know why my bread turned out as it did. Still, it is absolutely delicious toasted with butter and my homemade jam. Holy moly it’s good. I’ll be bringing a loaf to Kaitlin’s tomorrow to let them try it out since I made two loaves.

I did watch some Netflix yesterday, of course, and started coloring one of the postcards I got from Fiona. The first picture above shows all the awesome stuff I got in the buddy box she sent me.

Today I will video chat with Katie and meet up with a friend at a cupcake store plus other household chores that need to get done. Let the day begin!

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