My day 8-30-19

Is anyone else surprised that August is almost over? I guess “surprised” is the wrong word, I think “scared” would be more accurate for myself. If my days are going this quickly, doesn’t that mean my life is just going to flash by? I don’t want it to flash by, I want it to drag on, but in a happy kind of way. Isn’t it said that your life goes slower the more experiences you have? I have ideas of activities I’d like to do but I’m not quite ready to do any of them yet. As I told Elisabeth, I think I’ll be ready when the winter season comes around. My mom suggested today that I take a kick boxing or a boxing class and I quite like that idea. I’ve thought about doing one of those classes before but never got the gumption to find one and sign up. Mostly because gym memberships are pricey, but I’ll start looking and see what I can find.

I got to video chat with Katie today and it was great. It was something I needed today and it kind of helps to put me back into a routine. We used to chat every month so to me this is kind of a sign my life is normalizing a little. Although the past few weeks we’ve gotten to chat every week but you don’t see me complaining!

I went on a short walk this evening as I also met a friend for cupcakes so I didn’t have very much time. The weather was lovely and the sun was just starting to set so I knew I needed to get outside while I could. I actually wanted to go outside and if I’m in the mood to go outside, then I definitely need to go outside (hell, even if I’m not in the mood, I should go). As I was heading out of the apartment complex I got to interact with a three month old puppy and her owns. Not only was she adorable and I enjoyed petting her but it was nice to interact face to face with other humans. If I see that couple again I think I’ll introduce myself.

The park was absolutely stunning in the evening sun and I felt so good walking around and looking at the flowers and greenery all around me. It was legitimately refreshing for my mind. Then I got a text from my friend, Aeri, saying she got out of work early so she was already at the cupcake shop! So I cut my walk short and met up for some cupcakes. I had an oreo cupcake and a caramel turtle cupcake. Both were delicious but there was too much icing. What is up with the giant mounds of icing that stores put on everything. I don’t like it. So i scraped a good portion of it off and enjoyed the rest. But I really enjoyed the company. This was the first time I’ve spent alone time with Aeri and it was great. She is interesting and funny and someone I want to spend more time with. Plus, she suggested we go to a tea shop in Parker that she says has the best scones she’s ever had, so you know I’m down for that.

I stopped off at Target after cupcakes so I could look for basic black and white shirts. Sadly, the white shirts were see through so I left them in the store but I did grab a black shirt. Kaitlin has inspired me to pare down my wardrobe (and to start calling my clothes a “wardrobe” for that matter, I’m loving it). so I went through my closet earlier this week and got rid of some clothes and am now figuring out what I’d like to purchase. I would like to find both long and short sleeve white shirts. And probably a nice pair of work pants, I don’t have those currently. Anyway, while I was at Target I saw a Frida Kahlo shirt that I had to take a picture of and send to Kaitlin because of an old high school joke. It made me smile and laugh.

I also chatted with Kaitlin before bed which was the perfect way of ending my day. I’ll be heading over to her house soon and spending the day watching EG and Ollie so Kaitlin and Kevin can get some work done around the house. I think it will be a splendid day.

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