My day 9-3-19

This morning I had an in person interview and I am very proud of how it went. Regardless of what happens, I think I did a great job and that it went well and I want to give myself a shout out for doing it and getting through it with confidence. I should hear back mid next week so fingers crossed. After my interview I headed over to Kaitlin’s house because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my day alone. Yesterday was rough and I didn’t want to repeat that so I knew I needed to stay out of the apartment for a while. I’m so glad I went to Kaitlin’s because I had a blast getting to see her, EG, and Ollie. It was a good decision on my part.

I played with the kids a tiny bit and then headed to the mall with Kaitlin and them in tow as I looked for care package items for my cousin, Colleen, who just started college. I have some ideas of what I want to get her and thought one of the stores in the mall would have what I wanted. Turns out I totally had the wrong store in mind so it didn’t really have what I wanted but I found something that will be a nice addition anyway and got that.

Kaitlin also brought me to a cool marketplace kind of store within the mall where small businesses can rent booths all in one large space. I like to support local businesses when I can so I had a great time wandering around looking at the variety of products from local artists and entrepreneurs. It’s such a great idea, so small places don’t have to rent out large stores, they can rent out a small booth and still get their name out there. I did get something from one of the booths but I won’t say what since it will likely go into Colleen’s care package!

After shopping we went to the play area of the mall where I so enjoyed watching EG and Ollie run around and play. They were both just so happy to run around, it filled me with joy to watch them. They kind of interacted with other kids but not very much. Ollie found his way to the slide at one point and without any hesitation climbed up it with minimal delay or hardship. EG, on the other hand, had a hell of time even going down the slide, Kaitlin ended up having to go down with her and even then the girl wouldn’t put her feet up so she could go down, Kaitlin had to hold her legs. I hope she gets over that fear at some point because that’s no way to live your life. There’s going to be loads of awesome slides she comes across and she should go down them all. Have I turned this into a metaphor? 😉

I’m harping on EG a bit but it should also be said that she felt the fear and did it anyway when it came to standing on a giant snake with both her feet and then jumping off. That was something she was scared to do but by the end of play time she was getting up there and jumping off over and over again. She should be proud.

After leaving Kaitlin and the kids I went home, ate a quick dinner, and then went to the movies as I knew if I stayed in the apartment I would likely start feeling depressed and sad and I really wanted to avoid that today. So off I went and I watched Rocketman, the somewhat biographical movie about Elton John. It was a bit weird, although I imagine that’s quite on point, but I enjoyed it and laughed and had a good time. And now I’m winding down my day and will probably end it with listening to some Elton John music. Goodnight world.

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