Family, friends, and tomatoes

Yesterday I visited my parents! I had an almost completely free day so I took advantage and drove over to the Springs for a few hours. I’m so glad I did. It was great to get out of the apartment, I enjoyed the drive over as I listened to The Good Place podcast, and I really loved getting to spend time with my parents. I hadn’t been over there since I dropped off Pippin for my last vacation, I don’t think. And that time was pretty stressful so it was good to come over in a more honest space. We visited for a while and then went out to lunch and even played a couple of games. Scattegories is so much fun, why don’t I play that more often? My mood lifted from being there.

I’m trying to appreciate this time of my life without a job because I’m relatively free but not having income and not having Gene as a back up for no income has caused me to feel stress. Even though I have plenty of money saved up. I still feel stressed. Boo to that, I don’t like it. And on top of that, I still feel lots of other emotions regarding my divorce so I feel like I’m not able to appreciate this time as much as I’d like. Nothing I can really do about it, just keep appreciating to the best of my ability.

After the visit with my parents, I headed to happy hour with my friend, Brenda, and our old manager, Nicole. It took me two hours to get there from Colorado Springs, which sucked, but my time with them was so much fun. I truly had a great time, it was lovely getting to catch up with Nicole and it was kind of a nice goodbye to my Denver Public School days. I even ordered pineapple juice to drink. Thinking on it now, I probably shouldn’t have done that as I think I’m allergic to pineapple, but I didn’t have a problem so maybe I’m not as allergic as I think? Maybe it’s just the fruit part? I guess it’s not that bad since I totally forgot about it. Either way, I enjoyed the drink and liked that I could get something other than water. The bartender even frothed it up a bit for me which was fun. The evening was lovely and I laughed a lot.

And then, last night Elisabeth got home! I didn’t wake up, surprisingly, when she got home but she made it safely. I’m so glad she’s back, I won’t feel as alone now. I made it through the week without her and it was tough but I had support, as always, and the hours ticked by as they always do and here I am now.

Today I had two interviews and a doctor’s appointment so I felt stressed and worried but, again, I made it through the day. Kaitlin, my parents, and Elisabeth kept checking in on me which helped and my mom gave great advice that I just do one thing at a time. Focus on the next thing I need to do and do that. Then focus on the next. It was helpful.

I also went over to my community garden to water my plants and picked LOADS of tomatoes. We even used some in our dinner this evening, how cool is that?! They don’t taste as flavorful as I was hoping but they are slightly more flavorful than the store bought tomatoes. I’m glad today is coming to a close. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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