Working around the apartment

Sunday night, Elisabeth and I mounted our TV! It’s true, and I’m still kind of in shock that we actually did it that I don’t even know what to say. I’m thrilled. Thanks to Kevin who encouraged us that it was still possible and actually did the work of finding a mount for us. It took a trip to Home Depot, borrowing a friend’s tool because I bought the wrong thing, worrying we had hit electrical cables, and more than 30 minutes (the mount company was a bit optimistic), but we put it up. We jumped around on the floor to make sure the tv was secure and now it’s been up for over a day with no problems.

Last night we started putting up art in the main room too – finally! I thought we had plenty of art but after putting up most of it I’m pleased to say there’s loads of room for more paintings and pictures so Elisabeth and I will get to go art hunting. I love looking at and for art. It’s nice to have some art up on the walls though and once we get our couch tomorrow we’ll be mostly golden. I’m now on the search for shelves I can hang up that I will eventually fill with plants…and more art. Life still feels overwhelming and sad and lonely sometimes but it’s getting better and these small wins – tv, art, couch – help in their own way too. As both Katie and my therapist tell me, routine and normalcy are good for me right now. If only I could get a job, then I think I could really get in the swing of a routine. Here’s hoping I’ll hear back tomorrow.

We also got a really awesome door mat that I am in love with. Props to Elisabeth for looking through loads of door mats to find the best ones. While I also really enjoyed a door mat with two colorful llamas, the trap door won out and I’m quite pleased. Who wouldn’t want this mat? I think I see some llama planters in the future to make up for the mat.

Today I visited Kaitlin and the family and helped remove the bricks in Kaitlin’s front yard so she can make it into a flower bed. My parents were also there so with my dad’s help we made pretty short work of removing the bricks. Placing them as a border around two flower beds however proved much more time consuming and I left before Kaitlin had finished. Still, it’s looking really great and I’m excited to see the progress next time I go over. I also played in the water with the kids and it was a really great afternoon. But my day isn’t over yet, this evening I will meet up with a friend for trivia night so I’m off to eat some dinner before heading out.

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